JCCPIX Photography & Model management

JCCPIX Model Management Company is a national management company representing over 350 models nationwide.  With offices in New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, Los Angeles and now Moab, Utah - JCCPIX is where you are!


JCCPIX was founded in 2008 by photographer James Ray and his wife/model, Cora.  Together they developed a specialty photography and production company.  The problem was that there were never enough trained models where they needed them.  James and Cora worked to develop a handful of models which has now grown to over 350 trained and talented male and female models.


This is not a finishing school, you won't find us recruiting in a mall or look to profit off of our models.  We serve as a barrier between the models and the rest of the world.  Our protection to the models starts with separating your personal life and your work life.  We create social media, web pages, personalized secure email accounts and 800 numbers so our models are able to maintain their privacy.  We maintain a database of people in this industry so you can see the opinion of the last models to work with them, kinda like a credit check on photographers, directors, makeup artists, magazines, promotional groups and anyone else that hire models.


Next we show you how to make money in this business. Each model is uniquely advertised and marketed to those who hire models.  We vet the models and make sure they are the type of people that hiring managers want to work with and if you don't like how we work, there is no commitment.  We don't have a contract to sign and there is no terms of service.  We hope you stay but we prefer you are happy.


We send models to New York City, Miami and L.A. agencies every year to get them better exposure and move them to the next level.  If you think that is you - let us know so we can test and see if we are a fit.


If you are looking for reality TV castings, our management teams to help you accomplish your goals.


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